ABS-Dating Serious dating agency

ABS-Dating accompanies you in your very personal dating as a serious single dating, because seriousness is capitalized on ABS dating & dating service. We check our members for authenticity so that you yourself an fully concentrate on your Dating. We'll do the rest.

Singles with level

At ABS-Dating every new member is tested according to the strict ABS guidelines. This way we can guarantee a high-class interaction between the singles looking for a partner. Because the Finding partners for life is exhausting enough for our members.

Serious dating

With our scientific matching algorithm you will get to know singles, too to suit you. This modern technology and the possibility to know the future party only by VideoChat learning to ensure adequate safety. Until you find your great love.

English-speaking singles

Currently, our members can also find their love in other countries, such as for example in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and also in Luxembourg. We put very big. It is important that all members speak the German language.

We support you in your search

No matter what your need, ABS-Dating meets all relationship needs. It does not matter if you're up looking for a new friendship, a steady relationship, a frivolous friendship, an affair or a One-night stand. We offer you an easy to use interface, a variety of services with very good Search Sparks ionenes. To get to know your partner in advance, you can visit our 3D-City, the use 3D-StreetChat or VideoChat or AudioChat.

At ABS Dating & Serious dating agency, it is mandatory to upload a profile picture of yourself in his profile,because without this profile picture the new member has no possibility to contact the other members. Incidentally, this measure is one of the ABS guidelines and supports the seriousness of our members.

With us you will undoubtedly find your dream partner for a steady relationship. But you also meet tied nd married members who are just looking for an erotic adventure. That's quite legitimate, because most live in an open relationship. But sometimes even people are looking for a one-night stand or side jump. Often with many singles the motto applies: "A forgiven partner is taboo." On the other hand, there are also couples who are looking for a third person for an adventure but in your profile specify exactly what you are looking for. Details can also be found in the AudioChat, VideoChat or be cleared as a private message, so you avoid nasty surprises.

Matching algorithm

With your personal information and information about you and your dream partner, our matching algorithm creates an algorithm personal profile of you, this based on scientific principles. The result is yours personal matching profile that matches your personal search criteria and one or more matching photos vervollständigst. Every week we introduce you to other singles in our partner portal that suit you. So you get to know many singles with whom you have a lot in common.

Find a partner for free?

Dating on the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly popular. Over the past year, more than 70% of the singles have dating the European Union on the Internet looking for a partner. Many dating portals even offer you a complete Free Dating. ABS-Dating explains the advantages and disadvantages of such portals and features us are free.

Little service on free portals?

Often, portals that are purely designed for dating ads offer free dating. Of the Dating person has only a small effort after logging in: you just create your profile with a few Information and your search for the desired partner can begin. Mostly the choice is minimal or bad filled profiles are very large and you can click through thousands of profiles and view pictures. there many profiles usually have no profile picture.

If there are search results, these are often unfiltered. Although the users can often after superficial Looking for properties like hair or eye color, but the key criteria for a well-chosen relationship, such as the personality, physical compatibility, Vorliben and intellect will not dotrt considered.

But the inexhaustible selection of potential partners leaves your expectations unfulfilled. Because of the small Effortless memberships attract a lot of fakes that just waste your time. Also the number of cardiles or the offensive messages are usually quite high. Often hide under the members of dangerous scammers who want to take advantage of serious looking single and bring their money. The Free providers of the personals portals usually do not have the resources around their members carefully legitimize.

ABS-Dating lets you test for free

In addition to the free dating service, ABS dating offers a free basic membership. You can in all rest interested singles looking for. Because we let our members use the most important features for free. You will quickly find that ABS-Dating, very different from other free offers. in the Compared to the free singles search on dating portals or dating sites, you'll be serious Single dating of ABS dating is not overrun with countless partner profiles.

You do not have to find the needle in a haystack. Our selection is much lower because the suggestions are perfect are tailored to you. So you get in ABS-Dating already during your free trial Partner suggestions that suit you.

Tailored partner suggestions

The free matching on ABS dating already includes the scientific matching algorithm. This captures the necessary information of your personality and represents the basis of the dating service. Because you receive only partner suggestions that suit you and your wishes.

JEvery new member of ABS-Dating is being tested.

This is not done with the free dating service in many other partner portals. At the same time our reception conditions for those contemporaries who have no serious intentions, one not to underestimating hurdle. With our safety precautions you can be sure that the registered singles looking for the same as you. Starting with a long-term relationship through appointments, one-night stands or only members who only want to chat you will find everything at ABS-Dating.


Other functions in Titan mode

One of the most popular features our Titan members use is the 3D City, a virtual city in 3D format that can be accessed through any standard browser. That is the perfect way to communicate with other members, and especially suitable for those members who are still shy away from arranging a personal date. See you soon at ABS-Dating Serious dating agency

Each member sees himself in the 3D city as a unique person, so we have a special function which emphasizes this uniqueness, the own smart profile. On this the member can upload his own video besides his private and public pictures. The member can view all images and Videos can publish, but this can only unlock for certain other members, and much more.

Video Chat and Online Telephony
This service is included in Titan mode and you do not have to pay any additional fees, no matter how many times you use the Video Chat or Audio Chat. If you are in Titan mode upgradest, you have unlimited access to Video Chat and Audio Chat via your browser. This feature is especially important for those members who prefer to talk verbally rather than in writing.